Breathe in. Unplug. Indulge. Prioritize your care.

Soultri Scents is designed to feed the mind, body and soul. We believe that prioritizing mental, emotional and physical care isn’t all that selfish and that one’s best self is the ultimate gift. That’s why we’ve combined the best of both worlds: handmade, invigorating scents and body care along with meaningful affirmations for every part of your day. Each product includes curated affirmation statement cards and are individually blended, wicked, labeled, poured and boxed by hand.


As a full-time social worker caring for the well-being of others, founder Erial Green searched for normalcy and peace in her daily routine. On her journey to prioritizing self-care and her own empowerment, she fell in love with the art of candle making and natural products. Now in business for 3 years, Soultri Scents strives to be a space that inspires everyone to live the life they deserve.